I posted a while ago a vlog “How I work 10+ hours a day and still watch Netflix, meditate, and live happily” In this article I’m explaining in more details what has been working for me and what techniques I use to keep me focused, productive, and happy. Although I’m not a fan of general tips because I believe everyone is different and what works for me might not work for someone else but I’m sure a lot of what in this article you can relate to.

First of all and very importantly: Doing work that you’re interested in and contribute directly to your goals and vision. I would say you should only do work that you’re passionate about but a lot of times passion is overrated that’s why a mix of passion with doing things that contribute to what is important for you and your vision is a good drive and motivation to work longer hours and be more focused.

Now how can you know what is important for you and if it’s contributing to your vision? In shortcut Self Awareness. I talk about it all the time but one of the reasons it’s super important in addition to helping you figure out your passion because it will also explain HOW YOUR BODY AND ENERGY OPERATES! For me because I’m extroverted so I usually start my day spending the first half of it doing work and tasks that are NOT people oriented so things like documentation, writing reports etc. Then the second half of the day or the second 5 hours of work I usually do work that requires people interaction whether it’s meetings, teaching, customer service etc. Why? Because working with people and interacting with them energizes me, so if I spend the first 5 hours doing super focus tiring work I can be okay doing the rest of work with people because I start feeling more energy interacting with them. But again we all different so it’s important to figure what kind of tasks drain your energy and what type of tasks you can still do after you start getting tired

Second thing: I always have notifications turned off and I eliminate any distractions on my browser or my desk. Most important then that I don’t watch NEWS nor I consume any negativity to make sure my thoughts stay positive throughout the day. Yes I would read some headlines just to get a picture of what’s going on and the world is still okay and not falling apart 🙂 Think about it simply you can’t do anything or benefit anything from the news! Is it 20 cases of COVID19 or 80 cases! Did that actor marry that person or not! Did Donald Trump say new stupid thing or not! All these most of times has 0 effect on you and it only makes you more confused and less peaceful which in other words less focused and more tired. I try my best to control my emotions and thoughts and stay positive throughout the day, talk to positive people, watch happy videos on my breaks etc.

Last but not least: Meditation. I swear without it my days would be a lot worse! So what I do when I take breaks or let’s say finish a chunk of hours of work I put mediation music (Usually just instrumental and peaceful with a certain sound frequency you can find a lot of it on Youtube) and I lay on a bed or couch trying to clear my mind not thinking of anything. Or sometimes when I can’t really clear my mind I just think about the things I’m grateful for in other words exercise gratitude. I think meditation mixed with gratitude is amazing especially for people who can’t clear their mind and practice meditation easily.

For me it took me a lot of trials and exploration changing contexts to know what best works for me, it might take you a while but it’s totally worth it. This is basically what’s called Self  Mastery the more you try and explore the more you understand yourself better and know how your body, energy, emotions, and values operate. Basically how everything about you functions so you can be in full control of your body and mind.

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