Lingobox is a platform that brings people from different cultures together to develop their language and intercultural skills by connecting them with language partners, local mentors, volunteer opportunities, and community events in Jordan. It strives to meet the increasing demand of expats living in Jordan who want to learn and improve their Arabic and access the wealth of cultural and volunteer opportunities available in Jordan. It also strives to assist Jordanian youth who wish to learn a second language in an authentic way and improve their interpersonal skills through interacts with people from different cultures.

The concept of Lingobox was developed by an international team of expats and locals living in Jordan from a variety of backgrounds connected by a common goal: promoting intercultural exchange between expats and locals in Jordan to foster a civil society founded upon values of empathy, equality, societal engagement, and the free exchange of information. It strives to address the growing number of expats in Jordan looking for a reliable source of information, knowledge and connections with the local culture and volunteer opportunities.

The Lingobox platform provides its users the following services:

1) Assign language partners based upon compatibility of interests and needs.

2) Provide local mentors for expats to offer guidance about living in Jordan.

3) Host Lingobox events and create a calendar of ongoing community and social events for users to engage in based upon the user’s’ mutual interests.

4) Provide a list and match users with volunteer and internship opportunities based upon the user’s’ interests and future career goals.

5) Host a community blog that offers expat users survival tips and a platform for expats and locals to discuss and write about their experiences living in Jordan.

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