For Iraq is an online platform that reflect the beautiful positive side of Iraq and Iraqis by highlighting successful and talented Iraqis from all over the world without a political or religious influence. The project’s main goal is improving the Iraqi content on the Internet because most of it’s current content focuses on problems and wars and Iraqis as refugees and immigrants and not as a country and people with rich history and civilizations who produced and is producing amazing people everywhere.

Project Objectives:

● Promote a sense of unity, solidarity and harmony among the Iraqi societies and Iraqi audiences worldwide ● Improve the Iraqi content on the internet and highlight positive facts about Iraq and Iraqis ● Create a large network and database of successful and talented Iraqis for crowdsourcing and building Iraq.

Project Description:

Website in Arabic and English contains 5 sections as follows: ● Section for the influential Iraqis from all over the time ● Section for talented Iraqis with a focus on youth talents ● A special section for Iraqi women who are successful and influential around the world to empower and represent Iraqi women as a key and important element in the Iraqi society ● Section include positive and beautiful facts and content about Iraq and Iraqis ● A special section for blogs and articles that allow Iraqi writers to write on different topics.

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