I am skilled, passionate, and try to be the best in everything I do.
Business Development
Since I’ve worked in different countries and different markets both in the Business sector and the Nonprofit sector; This gave me a wide range of business skills to take a company to the next level.
Online Marketing
I have helped and managed a lot of companies digital marketing campaigns, and you can count me in any of the following subjects: Social Media, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, and Blogging.
Web Development
I spent most of my university years designing and building websites, and because a big part of my career is managing and creating online platforms; It made me learn so many web techniques and tools.
Social Innovation
Social innovation is my eternal passion. I’ve so far built two nonprofits and volunteered/helped more than 15 international and local organization in different regions.
Teaching & Training
I believe being a teacher is not something hard to acquire, but being a great teacher and tutor is not only a something you learn over time; It’s actually a lifestyle and a personality unique trait.
Mentoring and Counseling
Being a great mentor and counselor is also not something you can just learn, it needs to be part of your personality and lifestyle. Beside that it's one of my passions.

Projects and Employers

I've attended more than 50 workshops, took more than 30 training courses both online and offline, volunteered with more than 15 different organizations, and currently a member of couple of clubs. I also organize some activities every once in a while and produce online content like videos and articles on a regular basis.

Featured On

Me on TV and media through my projects and my activities.

Updates and News

You will find here a variety of my interesting content from articles about different life topics, to videos and tips about my latest travels.
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Are you ready to change the world together or are you ready to make a huge difference in your business? Contact me.
Amman, Jordan
E-mail: Phone: +962796883155 +962775755015